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Easy Courses to Help You Know the Key Elements of Linguistics& Language Teaching

  • Learn linguistics in easy English.
  • Learn to teach English with confidence
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Easy Courses to Help You

Know the Key Elements

of Linguistics

& Language Teaching

Learn to Teach English 

with Confidence

Meaning, & Purpose

To teach English well, you need to master the basics. But there are problems.

Textbooks: (1) Use dry and hard academic language. (2) Teach many ideas that you cannot use. (3) Don't focus on the key elements you need. (4) Give you too much information.

At Elemental Linguistics, you get general linguistics and English language teaching made simple. You can learn...

(1) Easy, even if you're not a native speaker. (2) Language teaching and linguistics in clear language. (3) Only the most helpful ideas that you need to know. (4) Effective activities that have unlimited variations.

Teach English With Confidence & Purpose

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The Key Elements Linguistics & Language Teaching

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Avoid the Noise of Overly Hard Academic Language

Students of English teaching and linguistics often struggle with textbooks written in hard and unclear language. At Elemental Linguistics, you can learn linguistics -- and how to teach language -- in clear and easy English.

About Elemental Linguistics

Dr. Joseph Poulshock is the content creator at Elemental Linguistics. He received his PhD from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He works as a Professor in the School of International Communication at Senshu University and teaches linguistics and teaching methods at Meiji Gakuin University, and he serves as Editor of ReadOasis.com. In his free time, Joey likes to walk his dog, take photos, read books, and play ukulele.

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